The Beirut based ‘Global Gathering to support the choice of Resistance’ (Tajammo) has its official website here:

The Tajammo Resistance Network is a non party international group, with representatives in more than 40 countries. The name change replaced “Arabic and Islamic’ with ‘Global’, to include participation from African, Latin American, Asian and western countries.

Key objectives of the network, from the working document, are

  1. “Supporting the peoples of the Arab and Islamic nation and the free people of the world in resisting American imperialism, Zionism and its corrupt creation, the Zionist Entity [Israel] and its tools the Arab reactionaries;
  2. Adherence only to the network’s strategic documents, with “no organizational or political relationship”;
  3. An inclusive framework “to support the resistance of the Palestinian people in confronting the occupation in historic Palestine and in the diaspora”;
  4. Establishing a framework to support the resistance struggle in the Gulf region;
  5. “Giving importance to the African continent .. especialy the Horn of Africa and the red Sea basin .. to foilow the Zionist infiltration” and in related studies;
  6. “Confronting American imperialism and zionism and supporting the choice of resistance in all parts of the world, where there is occupation, arrogance, sanctions, siege on peoples and external interference”.

Secretary General Dr Yahya Ghaddar was elected unanimously, along with several dozen representatives, including a number outside the Arab and Islamic nations.

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