The Soros funded US corporation Human Right Watch reports from its sources amongst US proxies to provide an entirely fictional view of Washington’s dirty war on Syria. Attacks on civilian villagers by NATO backed HTS/Nusra terrorists are falsely portrayed as crimes by the Syrian Arab Army, so as to prolong the US-led intervention and so cripple the independent (and anti-Israeli) Syrian state.

NATO backed HTS terrorists (formerly Jabhat al Nusra / al Qaeda) in NW Idlib, Syria

The following headline shows how HRW covers for terrorist attacks on Syrian villages by the NATO backed armed group HTS. Using HTS sources HRW falsely claims the Syrian Army is attacking Syrian civilians.

HRW propaganda over Syria

from HTS/AlQaeda sources in Idlib the Soros funded US corporation

HRW reports 12 civilians killed, blames Syrian Army.

What actually happened:

HTS terrorists targeted Salhab, Deir Shmial, Al-Qardaha with drones and Jourin with mortar shells, which resulted in martyrs and injuries among civilians. Russian Air Forces responded by targeting drone launch sites in the countryside of Latakia and Idlib with several airstrikes, while the artillery of the Syrian Arab Army intensively targeted terrorist sites in the countryside of Hama and Idlib. Russian Air Force’s night raids are continuing, destroying the headquarters, weapons and ammunition depots of HTS, the “Turkistan Islamic Party” and the “First Turkmen Coastal Division”.


Who funds Human Rights Watch? Well many US corporations, mostly aligned to the Democrat side of politics, but look at this Soros donation in 2010. HRW is no “NGO”.

In 2010 Soros gave $100m to HRW
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