This is a list of my articles, interviews and books, and some ideas on media sources.

How the Violence began in Daraa:
Syria’s Islamist Insurrection in Disguise

Syria and ME articles at Global Research, 2014-2020:

Articles at American Herald Tribune, 2019-2020:

Some interviews about the war on Syria:
Presentation on the Syrian Crisis, University of Sydney, 2015

Presentation in Berlin, 2016

Interview with Dirk Pohlman, Germany, 2016

Tim Anderson ‘Reading Controversies: Palestine, Syria, Venezuela’, 2018

Interview with Marwa Osman on US ‘sanctions’ against Syria, 2020

The Dirty War on Syria (2016), available here:

Axis of Resistance: towards an Independent Middle East (2019), available here:

Media sources on Syria, and the other ME wars:
Most of the western media, plus the Gulf Monarchy media (Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya), is deeply biased and in many cases engaged in fabrications to support a propaganda war against Syria. That includes the ‘liberal’ media such as the New York Times and the UK Guardian. So where might we go to find credible or independent information? In an age of propaganda wars there is no simple answer. However here is a short list of relevant online sources, relatively independent of big power agendas, with services in English, as well as other languages. They should help an honest observer stay better informed.

A. National Media, anti-imperial
SANA – Syrian Arab News Agency – Syria ( )
Press TV – Iran ( )
FNA (Fars News Agency) – Iran ( )
Sputnik – Russia (
Telesur English – Latin America (
Prensa Latina English – Cuba (

B. Non-Government, independent
Al Akhbar – Lebanon (English service closed but a good pre-2015 archive)
( )
Al Mayadeen – Lebanon (only Arabic) ( )
Al Manar – Lebanon, Hezbollah ( )
Mint Press – USA ( )
Uprooted Palestinians – blog ( )
Electronic Intifada – USA ( )
Vineyard of the Saker – USA ( )
South Front – Canada, UK, USA ( )
Syria News: (
Global Research – Canada ( )
New Eastern Outlook – Russia ( )
Counter Punch – USA ( )
The Greanville Post – USA ( )
SOTT – USA and France ( )
American Herald Tribune (
Hands Off Syria – Australia (
Centre for Counter Hegemonic Studies – Australia (

C. Critical media analysis re Syria
Media lens – UK – ( )
Off Guardian – UK – ( )
FAIR – USA ( )

Overview of the origins of the ‘Syrian Revolution’:

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