From ALAI , January 29, 2021. Also here in Spanish:

On February 7 of this year, presidential elections will be held in Ecuador, and the candidates for Correismo [the popular left current started by Rafael Correa] will be the economist Andrés Arauz and the communicator Carlos Rabascall, as candidates for the presidency and vice-presidency of Ecuador, through their electoral platform ‘Unión for Hope’.

Since the announcement of these candidates, there has been a fierce attack against the duo, both from the media and the right-wing parties and their candidates, as well as internal and external institutions financed by the United States. In this sense, we make the following complaint, since the interference of the United States in the democratic electoral processes of Latin America and attacks continue against candidates who do not submit to its imperial dictates.

From the Inter-American Institute for Democracy (IID), based in Miami, another plan is underway to boycott the Ecuadorian electoral process, commissioned by the US State Department, in order to prevent Correismo from again gaining power. In this sense, we reiterate that this article is a complaint, based on friendly sources of the liberation processes in Latin America.

The plan has the go-ahead from former secretary of state, the infamous Mike Pompeo, who set it in train before leaving office.

In this endeavour they have entrusted the Bolivian Carlos Sanchez Berzain, former government minister and promoter of the coup against Evo Morales, to organize and direct the actions of the IID in Ecuador.

For this purpose, in addition to official funding from the US government, the IID received additional money from the Colombian government, which has been used primarily in media campaigns against former President Rafael Correa and other left candidates, in order to justify their prosecution and disqualification from the electoral process.

The Inter-American Institute for Democracy IID is considered a retirement home of the Agents for Latin America’s Central American Intelligence (CIA). It is used as a front by the US Intelligence Service, to channel the salaries of its agents once they are deactivated.

Interestingly, among its members are names such as Tomás Regalado, former director of Radio and TV Martí, William Kaliman, former commander of the Bolivian Armed Forces (who after betraying Evo Morales, moved to live in Miami and was later located as vice director of the IID); Carlos Alberto Montaner and Olaf Halvorssen (a personal friend of John Bolton, former US national security adviser, and a main asset against Venezuela and left-wing causes in the Latin American region).

As part of the plan mentioned above, on January 4, a meeting was held in Miami between the directors of the Cuban Democratic Directorate DDC, and Freedom House – Orlando Gutiérrez and John Suarez, respectively; together with Israeli businessmen who have investment interests in Latin America, in order to establish a source of financing for the groups in Ecuador.

The meeting in question was coordinated by former congresswoman Ileana Ros Lethinen and the director of the IID, Tomas Regalado, with the purpose of joining both subversive organizations in the plan, to hinder the probable victory for the Andres Arauz-Carlos Rabascall team.

As part of this plan, the IID will continue to escalate media attacks against Correismo-linked candidates through the region’s right-wing media, while the US Government’s Freedom House is expected to join forces with the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs NDI and observers from the Organization of American States OAS, in the field, to document alleged irregularities committed by political parties that represent these candidates, in order to support fraud claims, if necessary.

Also joining the media effort against the Arauz-Rabascall pair is the Spanish NGO, the Foundation for Analysis and Social Studies (FAES), also based in Miami, led by former [extreme right] Spanish president José María Aznar.

FAES has historical connections with the ‘Ecuador Libre’ Foundation, which is led by banker and presidential candidate for the right-wing Creating Opportunities (CREO) party, Guillermo Lasso. Both have been working on creating a compendium of messages and complaints, against the Correista pair, and especially against Andrés Arauz.