From al Mayadeen English, 5 July 2021

Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah stresses the need to develop the axis of resistance’s media discourse in parallel with accomplishing achievements on the axis’ various fronts.

Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, during his opening statement dubbed as “Palestine is Victorious: Renewing the Media Discourse and Managing the Confrontation,” called for “the development of media engagement and confrontation as much as military confrontation,” because “confronting Israeli occupation and US hegemony are inseparable.”

The Secretary-General added, “The media discourse in the axis of resistance is based on Palestinians’ right to their land and Syria’s right to its Golan Heights,” asserting that regardless of what the criteria for rights are, “We will find [the assertion of these rights] in the Palestinian cause and the axis of resistance’s media discourse.”

Sayyed Hassan stressed that the resistance’s media “relies on the axis’ victories and the imposition of the rules of engagement on the Israelis and the Americans,” adding that the media does not “recite poems of loss but rather poems of victory.”

He continued, “One of the points of strength of the axis of resistance’s media is honesty in conveying news, information, and facts,” to the point that “the enemy trusts the resistance’s media more than they trust their leaders, because of our media’s honesty.”

Sayyed Nasrallah added, “Fulfilling our promises is what distinguished the resistance because, since its inception, it was truthful and realistic in all its promises within its capabilities and conditions. When the resistance promised liberation, it achieved it, and when it promised not to leave the prisoners in prisons, it fought wars to liberate them… and the resistance in Gaza started its battle by defending Al-Quds to create a new power equation.”

He indicated that the resistance’s media “contributed to achieving victory by relying on facts, information, studies, and research,” adding that during the resistance’s psychological war, “we did not rely on fiction and lies.”

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah underscored that the resistance’s media “is distinguished by large popular support; it’s diverse, it is not of one color, whether in terms of thought, creed, nationality, or ethnicity. They are united by Al-Quds, Palestine’s grievances and the oppression of the Palestinian people, which makes confrontation of injustices based on righteousness.”

Hezbollah’s Secretary-General explained that the US hegemony stands as an obstacle to nations, “because it is based on hijacking decisions and goods, and it protects Israel. Palestine cannot be liberated in isolation from this hegemony,” as the US hegemony “diverted all the capabilities in the region for the benefit of the Israeli enemy.”

Sayyed Nasrallah: We Want to Put the Entire Region Forward for Al-Quds
Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah commended the achievements of the resistance’s media in the past few decades, describing them as “great” as he called for their development. He also called on exchanging expertise and experiences in media and “taking advantage of social media platforms.”

He added, “The enemy can take down satellite channels, but it is not possible to stop social media sites, so we must take advantage of them,” explaining that social media platforms “were able to participate in making victories for the resistance.”

Nasrallah stressed that there is a media war against the resistance, saying that “billions of dollars are being harnessed to vilify it,” urging for “developing a media plan to confront fraud and distortion.”

Sayyed Nasrallah clarified that “some Gulf media has started propagating the enemy’s entitlement to annexing Palestine, exerting its power and defaming the resistance by making accusations and calling them erroneous names.”

The Secretary-General requested assistance and special efforts “to dedicate the new regional equation to the protection of occupied Jerusalem (Al-Quds),” asserting that the resistance in Gaza “wanted to put Gaza forward in exchange for Al-Quds. We want to put the entire region in exchange for Al-Quds, and this isn’t just talk for media consumption, this is serious talk.”

He continued, “When the Zionists know that threatening the holy city will lead to a major war, they will reconsider their decisions, and this will launch a deterrence equation. We are working on intertwining the elements of power for this equation.”

Sayyed Nasrallah: The US Embassy is a Partner in Destroying the Lebanese Currency
On the Lebanese issue, Hezbollah Secretary-General announced that “Whoever lays down schemes for the region conspires to anguish people with their livelihood, and this is what is happening,” stressing that the main cause of the crisis is “the American policy that besieges and prevents any aid to Lebanon.”

Nasrallah stressed that “wrong policies are among the causes of the crisis in Lebanon, but America is the main reason because it accompanies the corrupt.”

He asked, “Isn’t it the US administration that prevents Lebanese banks from bringing their money from abroad? Isn’t it the US administration that prevents aid from the east, like China?”

Nasrallah explained that the goal of the US blockade is “to pit the Lebanese people and the resistance community against the resistance,” while some Lebanese officials “are afraid that the US will place them on the list of sanctions… while Lebanon is heading towards its demise.”

He sees that it is necessary to “work on two tracks: the first is to confront the enemies, and the second is to work to address our internal crises with the utmost effort,” expressing that both are “tiring.”

Sayyed Nasrallah indicated that the issue of forming the government is going through “a critical time,” highlighting that the setback in its formation is “caused by a systemic crisis.”

Regarding the leaks related to the Beirut Blast investigation, Sayyed Nasrallah expressed his sorrow that the defendants learned the news of the prosecution from the media, considering it “a form of political manipulation that we reiterate our rejection of.”

He added, “What we aim for are justice and truth, and until now, justice is far and the truth is still hidden.” He demanded that the technical investigation be published “so we could find the cause of this crime, what caused this big explosion, to know whether there is a unity of standards and whether there was any political targeting.”

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