Wasteful, Secret And Vicious: The Absurd Prosecution Of Witness K And Bernard Collaery, by Binoy Kampmark


Dr. Binoy Kampmark on the secretive, absurd prosecution and persecution of East Timor’s lawyer, Bernard Collaery, and a former Australian intel officer (and apparently a whistle blower). PDF below, original post here: https://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/print.html?path=HL2006/S00203/wasteful-secret-and-vicious-the-absurd-prosecution-of-witness-k-and-bernard-collaery.htm


Venezuela: it’s not just the oil


Repeated imperial aggression against Venezuela is not only about oil. The country has become “a virgin oasis for voracious privatisation”. The opportunities for US corporations to privatise and steal the country’s other assets may outweigh even Venezuela’s tremendous […]