Unilateral coercive measures (UCMs: wrongly called ‘sanctions’) from the US and EU have kept the Syrian people under siege for more than a decade. UN chief Antonio Guterres recognises that 90% of Syrians live in poverty. But the US-EU siege persists, imposing hunger and obstructing post-war rebuilding.
After NATO threats in 2020, Syrian liberation of territory from proxy militia groups stalled. The result is that 1.1 million remain trapped in Turkey/Al Qaeda occupied NW Idlib. The US and its Kurdish proxy the SDF occupy large parts of NE Syria, but there the Syrian state still provides health, education and other services. In sum, the Syrian state supports more than 90% of the population.
The UN expert on the impact of UCMs, the W.H.O., UNICEF and others have denounced the siege and its impact on the great majority of the Syrian people, imposed after failure of Washington’s ‘regime change’ war.
Then the February 2023 earthquake hit, killing tens of thousands in north Syria and Turkey. Washington has temporarily lifted its blockade for earthquake relief, but most western aid goes to NATO’s proxies in parts of occupied Syria.

Which aid agencies actually help the bulk of the Syrian population?

SARC (Syrian Arab Red Crescent),

ICATU (International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions)

International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions
Industrial Development Bank, Arab Republic of Egypt, Cairo.
Website https://www.idb.com.eg – email info@idb.com.eg
Account (in Egyptian pounds, US dollars or Euros):
International Account Number IBAN: EG090008001705608470012060000
Please send a copy of bank receipt to
ICATU Secretary General, WhatsApp: +963 933 265 971


Which aid agencies only support minority areas controlled by NATO backed militia?

Islamic Relief / Molham Group / White Helmets

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